AALECE 2016 Wednesday Ticket


1-Day AALECE pass for Wednesday, July 13th


Join us on Wednesday, July 13th for the following sessions:

  • Positive Discipline & Behavior Management Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom (Emily Sheets & Kara Welch) – During this training, participants will learn practical strategies for addressing challenging behaviors in young children, with a focus on identifying the function of a behavior and determining an appropriate replacement behavior. We will also discuss key classroom management components that can help to stop challenging behaviors before they start. (2 hr / 0.2 CEU; 12:30pm – 2:30pm)
  • Creating a Safe Space (Patricia Vanderpool) – Creating a healthy, enjoyable workplace is everyone’s responsibility. In this informative session, we’ll examine the reasons for increased violence in our society along with strategies for diffusing a potentially violent situation. You’ll also learn how each staff person can help to ensure a safe workplace and recognize warning signs, both organizational & lifestyle, of potential violence. (2 hr / 0.2 CEU; 3:00pm – 5:00pm)

Registration opens @ 11:30am.


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