AALECE 2016 Friday Ticket


1-Day AALECE pass for Friday, July 15th


Join us on Friday, July 15th for the following sessions:

  • The Kinesthetic Classroom (Mr. Al) – The kinesthetic classroom is one in which movement adds to the learning environment instead of detracting from it. The classroom is designed to help prepare the brain for better retention and retrieval of information. This workshop will help participants to learn, teach and use controlled movements with children for many purposes. (2 hours / 0.2 CEUs; 9:00am – 11:00am)
  • “Do Whah Diddy” & Other Diddys to Do With Kids (Mr. Al) – Music is a very important part of any early childhood program. Its ability to nurture all aspects of the developing child make it of the most important play experiences that children have. Children are drawn to the rhythm, repetition and melody that music offers. They are also drawn to the dynamics of the singing voice. Any and all kinds of music can work in the classroom, even your favorites can find their place in the hearts of the kids! This is an enjoyable workshop full of music and movement that will help attendees discover new ways to use music with the children throughout their day. (2 hours / 0.2 CEUs; 11:30am – 1:30pm)

Registration opens @ 8:00am.


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